March 2020 anual visit

(Note: I hope that my “home page” is up again – in “reconstruction” it got erased! – but just” in case, I am writing this here as a new page.)

On March 5/6 an overnight flight from Tiajuna via Mexico City will take me to the Comalapa airport on the coast of El Salvador. As usual, my visit will be over two weekends so I can visit each of the two Christian Reformed churches there. Both Mondays I will be visiting Casa Semillas, the national non-profit agency that represents the CRCNA. Having worked in the country for five years, and visited every year since 2001, there are a lot of friends and other folk to visit. One family were members of our church years ago in Sun Valley CA.

During similar dates last year, there was a special happening – a presidential election. For five elections since 1997 I have been enrolled as an International Election Observer. This last one was special in that a third party candidate was elected, displacing the long time right vs left parties. Additionally, the new president is not only young – 38 – he is of Muslin background, although he professes Christian faith (of Lebanese origin, his brother is the lead imam en the country). If the political scene interests you, go to the blog of the US Lutheran lawyer who coordinated our observation.

The objectives of the visit focus on meeting with the coordinator, Hilda Romero, and the pastors and others who work with the Word and Deed Project. More on that on another page…