Yesterday I was picked up by Partners Worldwide staff person Fabiola Bettaglio; I will be hosted by her family for the rest of my stay.  After breakfast she will bring me to the Conference room where the FECLAI visiting observers will be given orientation and training.  FECLAI is the Ecumenical Forum of Christian Churches in Latin America, and we will be will the Lutheran and Anglican coordinated group here in El Savador.  I talked with a leader of the evangelicals but they have no such participation; yes, some are forming an ACTUA group to try to encourage more civic participation.

I will try to back in this site with more impressions, tomorrow.  Meanwhile, in your brouwser, you can search for news about the elections in El Salvador.  And let me know if you see anything on your local broadcast news, please.  Do North Americans hear much about this? (I have been asked that….)

(For information on the Vocational School Project, please go to that page) Meanwhile, on the Word and Deed Project front, yesterday I met with ¨Comptroller Hugo Aguilar.  He is meeting this evening with the two pastors to go over reports and plans;  I will meet again with them later.  There is progress. (later, whoops…no meeting: “difficulties”)

On Sunday I am invited to attend a special occasion; I think it is the 20th Anniversary of Emmanuel Church in San Martin.  If I am to preach (usually a visiting pastor is expected to) I will use the old word Ebenezer – hitherto the Lord has helped us.

A church that was used years ago was the Drenth MI CRC; they gave a $2000 gift to put the roof on the building.  Pray – I will spare you a long story – that a legal property dispute will get solved fraternally, and the church can move forward.

On Monday I will meet with Resonate´s (and Back to God Hour´s) Casa Semillas offices in San Salvador.  Just today the Director, Gerardo Reyes, said on the phone “I have good news…” so I look forward to nudging forward a ball I got rolling during my October visit.  Pray for Brenda Diaz, a new Resonate “Caminante” (cohort/intern) and her service with Semillas; great potential.  She has already preached in the Santa Tecla CRC once.  
Just today over lunch I was asked a spiritual hurt question.  Opportunities to minister and accompany are endless.  Your prayers are so valued as you there, I here, witness to the love of God in the Lord Jesus and the Kingdom
​    —- Shalom—-