A sad day, a happy day.
While waiting for my ride to a special anniverary church service this morning a worker across the street who I have spoken with before talked to me.  With tears in his eyes he told me of the murder of his 31 year old sister in a western rural part of the country.  I just finished reading the online report; MS-13 gang members are strongly suspected but in two months no arrests have been made.  A side note: last year the security guard across the street was also killed but at another location.   

Then at the special service, which had visitors from three other congregations, the local pastor lameted the violence going on in that neighborhood.  One of his own daughters has left for “El Norte” as well as other families from the church and this dangerous area.  The Huizucar delegation came without most of their youth, owing to the threat of gang conflict should they come on that turf.    But the pastor was also gladdened by the support shown by semi-sister churches.  

Your prayers, please, for those who live, work and witness in hard places.  This afternoon Pastor Carlos and I had a good talk about some of the problems he is facing.