there will be hundreds of Election Observers, both national and international, scattered around the country to do just that: observe.  In so many places in the world, as here, elections are often questioned as to their fairness and transparency.  As you read, this will be my fifth time doing this.  I have come to have deep feelings for this country since serving here with CRC World Missions from 1995-1999; during that time was our first experience with a Presidential Election which by Constitution occurs every five years.  While I return in retirement almost every year, I make it a point to be here to contribute a grain of sand toward constructing a more healthy society/country.    As you read, this is my fifth time of service.

There is way too much to cover, but a shortcut for me is to include this website by the coordinator of FECLAI, the group that I sign up with.  There is a formal government coordinated process for all this; for new observers there is a two and a half day orientation.    For perspective that as a missionary pastor especially interests me, and I hope you, cut and paste:
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