Exactly a year ago was my last visit, which then included besides visiting the churches also being an International Election Observer for the fifth time over 22 years.

Now my ten day visit, March 6 – 16 will be focused on the Word and Deed Project.  On my last visit I interviewed Hilda Romero to be the new coordinator of the project; she later accepted.  Now I hope to coordinate more closely with her, as well as meet with the committee that she works with.  This transition year has had some things which still need to be ironed out.  Some monies were held up due to back-logged reporting from the church groups.  I anticipate that we will be working out new guidelines and reporting processes.  It does need to be added here that the Project is blessing many homes and lives.

While there I will also be having conversations with the Director of Casa Semillas, the national agencythat represents the Christian Reformed Church in El Salvador. (There are no direct missionaries theresince we left in 1999).  I also always have conversations with the Director for Central America of TheBack to God Hour, as well as the staff person representing Partners WorldWide. And there are many more ministry people from over the years that I connect with.  So my days will be full. 

I am carrying as many books from Libros Desafio as I can. My lodging is always with a couple who wereneighbors and contiue to be good friends.  Please pray with me for safe travel, good meetings and someadvance in the kingdom purposes that take me there to this conflicted county.  And yes, the churchessuffer somewhat from that latter syndrome as well, so pray for any relational help I can give them.

I don’t have the technical know-how to update this site while in El Salvador, so please come back to this page for another Update in a month.  Meanwhile, there are other background pages/tabs to visit. As you read there, also pray for those dimensions of opportunity and ministry.   

– Pastor Lou