If you already read below, you see that I made a visit to El Salvador in March; over these intervening months I’ve been in frequent contact about the project with the leaders in El Salvador.  They sent me a final copy of the Evangelism/ Discipleship   – Diaconal/Development plan, with a proposed budget of $15,850; on the basis of that we came to an understanding of cooperation.  That involves along with some program costs, a half-time salary for the first year for Alba Lopez, longtime former national CRWRC worker in El Salvador.  She began in August, and initial reports from her are very positive.  Speaking by phone recently with her she was very encouraged.  That Sunday she had had a session on “values” with the Huizucar church; they want to make those biblical, and sound developmental ones.

I have received some good reports of growth in the rural Huizucar church as they already implemented some aspects of this on their own, in conjunction with other trainings and local visions that they have.  In Santa Tecla, Pastor Carlos wants to integrate this with a new (for them and the country) Bible League initiative for evangelism.  So this is a good time to continue alongside the El Salvador CRC in its ministry efforts.  

I wonder what the church will do for Reformation Day; they don’t want to be “just another evangelical church” although they struggle with seeing the growth in the pentecostal churches and wonder if they should imitate more their aproach.  I encourage them to persevere in trying to contextualize the reformed faith, to let it make the contribution that it can to the tremendous needs of a society in turmoil and an economy that leaves many behind.

Once again, I ask for your supportive encouragement if you are willing to make a contribution to this effort.  Pray for the members, the leaders, and these new initiatives. 

Que Dios le bendiga (may God bless you)