Emails and progress reports from El Salvador  prompt me to write a quick update here.  The pace of the Project continues to be slower than I would like to see it, but there is progress.  Huizucar reports upcoming reception of about a dozen new members, including some children by covenant baptism.  Santa Tecla is giving classes on Saturdays in topics from theology to new skills.  They have also held conferences designed to attract new people.

Both churches are processing capital expense requests:  Huizucar for roof materials in the new community where they are evangelizing and seeing new converts; Santa Tecla to finish bathrooms they started but have not been able to complete.  While capital expenditures are technically not contemplated in the Word and Deed project, some funds “over and above” have been raised and will soon be disbursed.  These improvements will enhance ministry and lend encouragement.

 I’m in communication with not only the CRC pastors but also other reformed leaders about a possible visit before the end of the year, possibly in November.