There are meetings with different “communities” (churches, IVCF) scheduled every day from Sunday to Sunday.  I’ll be visiting the Seeds of a New Creation “casa” – the CRCNA’s mission presence there which has risen in profile over the last while, in part owing to a linkage with the Elim mega-church.  (Timothy Leadership Institute is now training their pastoral leader team)  And over these 15 years since our service in El Salvador, and subsequent yearly visits, there are many friends who want me to stop in.  Most importantly, I hope to encourage the pastoral leadership, as well as some long-time members who affectionately remember past missionaries. 
On February 2 the next presidential elections will take place.  If I am able to go, that will be the fifth time I participate as an International Observer.  That function helps to guarantee more transparency in a country torn by conflict, violence, and polarization. 

UPDATE: Dr. Jim Skillen,  director emeritus of the Center for Public Justice has accepted the invitation to accompany me as an election observer, and hold meetings with Christians involved in political activities as well as give a couple of lectures.  I’ll be making those arrangements on this first trip.Another item for your prayer, please.